Funding for clubs

How to obtain funds for your club

Aid for sport is part of an overall framework which encourages the promotion of diversity in sport, support for young talent and sport for all (young people, the elderly, gender mix, cultural mix, disabled persons, etc.)

The subsidies allocated in this framework must support and/or promote sporting activities that take place within the territory of the City of Brussels. They must allow financial and/or logistical support to be given to clubs, organisations and associations that meet the objectives concerning diversity of all kinds through sporting activity.


Applicants must be non-profit legal entities (with the exception of commercial companies) having their principal activities or head office within the territory of the City of Brussels. The Executive Board can accept, on an exceptional basis, requests from individuals whose home or principal place of activity is also situated within the territory of the City of Brussels.

Associations or clubs which promote and encourage access to sport for all

Clubs which have one or more promising player(s) (“espoirs”), classified as such by its own national federation (or linguistic wing)

  • For an exceptional sports event which helps to promote the sporting image and character of the City of Brussels
  • For the purchase of sports equipment, reusable medical equipment or sports equipment to be used for medical tests linked to the activities of the club making the request
  • For the ongoing training of executives, trainers or sports instructors from Brussels
  • For help or assistance in training in the use of medical equipment

All applications will be considered by the Executive Board of Prosport Bruxelles.

The request must include:

  1. A letter signed by a person authorised to act on behalf of the club or association in question provided it is the President or Secretary.
  2. The completed application form
  3. A list of the club or association’s members
  4. A list of the trainers, sports instructors or teaching staff
  5. A list of the medical personnel responsible for overseeing the activities of the club or association
  6. A detailed description of the activity to be subsidised
  7. The budget for the event and the amount of subsidy being requested
  8. The amount of subsidies requested and/or granted by the City of Brussels Sports Service
  9. The amounts requested and/or granted by other public authorities
  10. In the case of an event, the start and finish dates of the activity to be subsidised
  11. If it is for a promising player (“espoir”), attach a CV, their prospects as well as a certificate from the federation or any other document certifying their status.
  12. A copy of the association’s statutes


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